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in alcohol’s defense I’ve done some pretty dumb shit while completely sober too

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oh noooo what did you do why 
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i don’t like the term gay i prefer something a little more subtle like raging queerfag

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Stories that are never seen or heard of by the general population.

Jabbar Gibson is also currently serving a fifteen year bid in federal prison for cocaine possession.  i couldn’t track him down in the system, but if anybody can, it would be cool to get his mailing address out there for prisoner support reasons.

here’s Jabar’s contact info:
Jabar Gibson 29770-034
USP Pollock
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 2099
Pollock, Louisiana 71467
and here’s a guide to writing a prisoner letter for those who have never done so before

re-reblogging for contact info + support
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Anonymous asked: Favourite song?

It changes a lot. At this very moment, Murmurs and Tusks - Heath Perry

(it has a different title in the video idk why)


The best.

Coleen Theisen"fore-edge painting is a way of hiding a painting on the edge of book so that it can only be seen when the pages are fanned out.”
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Did you know that high school students today have about the same anxiety levels as insane asylum mental patients during the 1950’s?

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We live in a world where a bunch of grown, professional journalists and editors gathered in a room and after hours and days of rigorous debate, decided that Benedict Cumberbatch is sexier than Idris Elba

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